It's About Time

Many of our search specialists come from the industry in which they recruit. Working within the world's largest network and armed with our proven search methodology, the MRI Account Executive can quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business.
Permanent Placement



In an impermanent world, on-target permanent placement is a must. The primary goal of the MRI office in Greenville, SC is to find and place the best available talent for the corporate Clients. MRI staff are the industry's recognized leaders in search projects for middle and senior range positions, using search techniques proven over MRI's 40 year history that allow the Account Manager to pinpoint the most appropriate, top performing candidates for their clients.



Proven Search Techniques


As a Client, you'll have access to a wide variety of search techniques in which to select the one that best meets your hiring needs.


Retained Search - a special search team dedicated to completing a critical search assignment where a position must be filled within a short period of time.


Contingency Search - a search option used to fulfill many standard individual search assignments and on-going openings, not requiring full payment unless the office fills the position.


Project Search - for finding a number of candidates with the same profile, a project team, often including other MRI affiliates, is created to meet the client's objectives.


Global Search - for clients with overseas staffing needs, your preferred office within our global network can provide consultation at the local level when trying to tap the perfect talent in a foreign land.


Advertised Search and Selection - In today's technology world, anyone can run an ad to solicit resumes from near and far, but it still takes an expert to find the gems hiding among the masses. Through using our advertised search and selection process, a Client can enjoy an expedited candidate search while still maintaining the high-quality evaluation that only the skill of an MRI Recruiter can bring to the process


Contract Staffing


MRI Contract Staffing (SM) - Short-term solutions for long-term goals.In today's business environment, companies must rely on a variety of staffing solutions to meet their organization's growing departmental needs. Often, these growth spurts are cyclical in nature and require specialized external resources to partner with existing staff. As a client of an MRI office you have the ability to contract a wide range of professionals and reap the many benefits a Contract Staffing solution has to offer.